Google Sites launches. Everyone can create sites.

Today the Official Google blog and the new Google Sites blog announced that Google Sites is now open to everyone. For those unfamiliar with Google Sites...

"You can create different types of pages from scratch with the click of a button, and you can embed documents, calendars, photos, videos and gadgets directly into those pages. Similar to Google Docs, built-in editing tools allow for popular text and formatting changes to be made in a straightforward, WYSIWYG manner. Once your site is up and running, inviting people to edit or view your content is as simple as entering in their email address (of course, you can change access levels at any time). And you (or anyone who has editing privileges) can add or edit information whenever you'd like."

In essence, Google Sites lets you create your own wiki about whatever you want, letting whoever you want edit it however they want.

Alternatively you can just look at other pretend example sites like costus igneus from 'The Scott Family' who went on a Star Wars themed bowling night on 16th May. I wonder which pretend family member won? I vote Grandma.


Head of Search Quality promises openness. Reveals nothing at all...

Maybe I'm just cynical or maybe it is just because I work in search marketing but when I read a post by Udi Manber (Head of Search Quality) on the Official Google Blog promising greater openness about search rankings...I wasn't expecting great revelations.

"...being completely secretive isn’t ideal, and this blog post is part of a renewed effort to open up a bit more than we have in the past. We will try to periodically tell you about new things, explain old things, give advice, spread news, and engage in conversations. Let me start with some general pieces of information about our group. More blog posts will follow."

So here's what Udi told us that we didn't already know...



Having said that he did tell us that Google are always evaluating how good their search results are. Nice to know. And...you've heard of Moore's law (probably) but there's a law you perhaps didn't know...(Udi's law?)

"Just as Moore's law governs the doubling of computing speed every 18 months, there is a hidden unwritten law that doubles the complexity of our most difficult queries in a short time. This is impossible to measure precisely, but we all feel it. We know we cannot rest on our laurels, we have to work hard to meet the challenge."

I've no doubt these guys do a brilliant job. Google's success started with their great search algorithm. They continue to provide brilliant results in less than seconds. People use Google every day and rely on it to give them the information they want. Good job.

I would encourage to come good on their promise of more openness. I look forward to them making more 'effort to open up a bit'. If they don't then perhaps we'll have to invent Google's law - that though they promise much, they deliver little.


Man pretends to ride around the 'world'

The Google Earth Blog (unofficial) reported a few days ago about a CRAZY man who turned his bike into a flight control joystick for the Google Earth flight simulator.

"He claims the pedals serve as the power control, and has built a couple other lever controls for what looks like aerolon (banking) controls."

This seems crazy but perhaps its a cunning way to see the world whilst keeping fit. Having said that, imagine how boring it would be flying over desert and sea (and ice and grass and hills).

In all honesty I have very little to say about this and in fact i'm struggling to find words to make this seem like a viable post. It's just a complete waste of time.

Google Health launches - Yawn

Yesterday Google Health launched. I didn't want to mention this but since this blog is meant to be 'Google news' then I thought I probably should even though its the MOST BORING GOOGLE STORY EVER.

p.s length of post directly correlated to interestingness of story.


North Korea makes Thunderbird Island

The excellent Google Sightseeing blog today showed that Blue Peter reaches even the most closed of countries - North Korea. What's this about Blue Peter you say? Well it turns out that North Korea has been building it's own Thunderbird Island out of a bit of sticky tape and few toilet roll tubes - they have even made an underground runway as seen in Google Earth.

It's well worth a look. And if you have no idea who or what Blue Peter is or just like hearing the catchy theme tune, then watch the YouTube clip above.

See you next time.